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Common Asbestos-Containing Materials in the Home

If your home was built before 1980, there is a chance that some of the materials used to build it contain asbestos. Asbestos containing materials can be found throughout the house from pipes to furnaces to floors and can pose a risk to families especially if they are in poor condition.

Asbestos may still be present even if the homeowner has replaced equipment or remodeled areas of the house either by themselves or through a contractor. If you are about to begin a remodeling or replacement project and have concerns about the presence of asbestos, it is recommended you consult with a residential asbestos inspector to ensure your safety.

Many homeowners accidentally exposed themselves to asbestos by cutting, tearing or sawing asbestos-containing materials. When asbestos fibers are released they can be inhaled which could lead to serious health problems years later.

Household items and areas that may contain asbestos include:


  • Asbestos may be present in cement roofing, shingles or siding materials


  • Asbestos might be found in artificial ashes and embers used in gas fireplaces


  • Resilient floor tiles composed of vinyl asbestos, asphalt and rubber
  • The bottom or backing of vinyl floor tiles
  • Asbestos may be present in adhesives used to install floor tiles


  • Asbestos could be present in door gaskets as well as duct and outside insulation


  • Pipes may be covered by an asbestos blanket or asbestos tape


  • Wood burning and coal burning stoves may contain asbestos on door gaskets and their surrounding insulation.


  • Spray on soundproofing, textured paint and patching/joint compounds

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