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  1. City of Everett, Washington Suspends Training Exercise Following Asbestos Exposure

  2. Tennessee Supreme Court Hears Second Hand Exposure Case

  3. Proposed changes to asbestos laws in West Virginia

  4. Winona State University Faces Fine for Asbestos Violations

  5. Tulane to Study Katrina Cough

  6. Thalidomide and Alimta to be Combined in New Clinical Trial

  7. W.R. Grace & Co. Agrees to Proposed Settlement Over Cleanup Costs

  8. New York County Pays Fine for Illegal Asbestos Removal

  9. Mining Company Supports Mesothelioma Study

  10. Funding Problems Could Affect Iron Range Study

  11. Funding Problems Could Stall Oregon Cleanup

  12. W.R. Grace & Co. Lose Latest Appeals

  13. EPA to Test New Asbestos Removal Method on Vacant Apartment Building

  14. New Analysis of Minnesota Miners Raises More Questions

  15. US Occupational Injury Rates Lower

  16. EPA to Reevaluate Factory Sites

  17. Ban Asbestos in America Act of 2007 passes Senate

  18. ACT Government Changes Asbestos Compensation Laws

  19. Workers Begin Final Cleanup at Former Asbestos Factory

  20. Alviso to Undergo Further EPA Testing

  21. Diagnostic Tools For Lung And Mesothelioma Cancers To Be Developed

  22. Dallas Screening Results Reveal Asbestos Diseases

  23. West Dallas Residents Get Asbestos Screening

  24. Capitol Workers Reach Asbestos Settlement

  25. Virotherapy to Treat Mesothelioma

  26. Soluble mesothelin in effusions a strong indicator of mesothelioma

  27. The Changing Face of Asbestos Disease

  28. Residents and Workers Urged to Use Caution in Tornado Cleanup

  29. Talcum Powder Stunts Tumor Growth

  30. Car Mechanics and Asbestos

  31. Study to Examine Connection Between Asbestos Exposure and Ovarian Cancer

  32. New Study Heralds Shortened Timeline for Anticancer Drug Development

  33. Grace Asks Court to Shield BNSF

  34. Asbestos in 21 Buildings at CSU Northridge

  35. Whitman to Testify About Air Quality After 9/11

  36. Scottish Study Raises Questions on Workplace Safety

  37. Asbestos Pipes Contaminating Water Supply

  38. Senate Panel Examines Post 9/11 Health Problems

  39. Researchers Identify Intracellular Pathway of Alfacell's Onconase

  40. NYU School of Medicine Verifies Mesothelioma Diagnostic Test

  41. Former Congressman's Widow Urges Asbestos Ban

  42. Oregon Considers New Shipbreaking Laws

  43. New York Mayor Accepts 9/11 Health Panel Recommendations

  44. Washington creek possibly causing mesothelioma

  45. FDA Approves the MESOMARK® Assay for the Management of Mesothelioma Patients

  46. The Cancer 2015 plan

  47. El Dorado California faces asbestos hazards

  48. PPG Tries to Dodge Financial Bullet

  49. Capitol Workers to Receive Asbestos Whistleblower Award

  50. Update on Libby Montana

  51. More on Pleural Effusions

  52. Proton therapy for mesothelioma

  53. Kinase inhibitors in cancer therapy

  54. Owens Corning to Emerge from Bankruptcy

  55. Asbestos Health Concerns in World Trade Center cleanup

  56. MIT researchers' "nanocell" delivers a toxic double whammy to tumors


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