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The Changing Face of Asbestos Disease

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization released a report showing patients diagnosed with asbestos related diseases in the US are younger than ever before.

The ADAO studied case and diagnosis reports from the past three years and determined the average age for a new asbestos patient was 51 years old nearly 20 years younger than patients who were diagnosed in the late 1980s.

The study also showed that half of all patients are women. Studies from the early 90s concluded men accounted for 80 percent of those diagnosed.

The organization reported some patients diagnosed with conditions like mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer were under age 40 and some had no history of asbestos exposure. Whats even more startling is that some of those diagnosed were only in their 20s.

A 1990 study published by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) concluded a typical patient suffering from an asbestos related disease was generally male and around 70 years of age. Half of those patients had no immediately identifiable occupational exposure.

The new ADAO study completely changes the profile that asbestos related diseases are confined only to elderly men. However the organization did not comment on what could be causing patients the influx of younger patients.