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NYU School of Medicine Verifies Mesothelioma Diagnostic Test

In February, researchers from New York Univeristy's School of Medicine validated the MesoMark Assay which can detect and monitor mesothelioma by measuring levels of mesothelin-related proteins.

The study led by Dr. Harvey Pass and funded by the Early Detection Research Network of the National Cancer Institute, verified the effectiveness of the new diagnostic tool developed specifically to diagnose and monitor the cancer mesothelioma. The rare but deadly cancer is developed through asbestos exposure and often manifests itself decades after patient had contact with the substance.

Often diagnosed in its advanced stages, patients have few options and generally are given 12-18 months to live. The new test measures levels of soluble mesothelin-related proteins (SMRP) released by diseased cells and correlate directly with tumor volume. This could allow the detection of mesothelioma much earlier through patient screenings as well as measure treatment effectiveness in patients.

Developed by Fujirebio Diagnostics it is currently the world's only in vitro test that monitors mesothelioma.