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Research Studies for Mesothelioma

Clinical trials test new treatments in cancer patients. They are sometimes referred to as research studies. In the United States, there is an accepted procedure for introduction of new medicines and methods, and this procedure includes climical trials. Usually by the time a clinical trial is authorized, the medicine or procedure has been tested in animals and the laboratory. Only the new medicines and procedures that pass this initial scrutiny can be authorized for clinical trials in humans. Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III trials are done at different points in the development and approval process. Sometimes there are more than one trial in each phase for a given drug.

Throughout the decades, clinical trials have been instrumental in the approval of treatments such as new drugs, new approaches to surgery or radiation therapy, and new combinations of treatments. More on types of studies.

As a patient, possible benefits of participating in clinical trials include:

  • High-quality care. Clinical trials are usually run from high-class hospitals.
  • If the new treatment works, you may be among the first to benefit.
  • You have the chance to contribute to scientific and medical knowledge, thereby helping others and improving cancer treatment.

Possible drawbacks:

  • New treatments under study are not always better than, or even as good as, standard treatment. There is a risk.
  • Even if a new treatment has benefits for some patients, it may not work for you.
  • In a study, if you are randomly assigned to have standard treatment instead of the new treatment being tested, it may not be as effective as the new approach.

Before deciding to join a clinical trial for mesothelioma consider the possible short- and long-term risks, side effects, and benefits.

Recent Research on environmental factors

More on proteomics and cancer research.

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