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Mesothelioma Registry to Be Eliminated

A Plan by the New South Wales government to close their asbestos registry is drawing criticism. The registry is a database that records new cases of mesothelioma.

The closure is being considered with respect to victim privacy. The Australian Safety and Compensation Council claims that in response to heightened media coverage of companies like James Hardie, it wants to shield asbestos victims from public view.

In addition they claim that the registry is inadequate and does not reflect the current needs of medical researchers.

NSW Industrial Relations Minister John Della Bosca disagreed with the proposal explaining that its true purpose is to hide the humanity of a growing problem. He suggested improvements in the way patients are tracked and monitored by the government.

The ASCC will continue to use the register but would phase it out when a new system is implemented. They said they will begin publishing an annual report including new cases, deaths, trends over time, and collate data from previous reports.

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