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David H. Harpole, Jr., M.D.

David H. Harpole, Jr., M.D.

Associate Professor of Surgery with Tenure Assistant Professor of Pathology

Washington & Lee University Lexington, VA
University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA
Fuqua School of Business, Duke University Durham, NC
Physician Executive Leadership Program
Health Economics

Research and Professional Experience

Duke University Medical Center Harvard Medical School
1984-1985 Intern in General Surgery 1993-1996 Instructor in Surgery
1985-1986 Junior Assistant Surgical Resident 1993-1996 Brigham and Women's Hospital Associate in Thoracic Surgery
1986-1988 Thoracic Surgical Research Fellow 1993-1996 Dana Farber Cancer Institute Consultant in Thoracic Surgery
1988-1991 Senior Assistant Surgical Resident 1993-1996 West Roxbury VA Medical Center Staff Thoracic Surgeon
1991-1992 Chief Resident in General Surgery Durham Veterans Affair Medical Center
1992-1993 Teaching Scholar in Thoracic Surgery 1996-present Chief, Cardiothoracic Surgery
1996-present Director, Lung Cancer Prognostic Research Laboratory
1996-present Associate Professor of Surgery, Thoracic Oncology Program

Honors and Awards
1979 Phi Beta kappa, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Omicron Delta Kappa
1980 Summa Cum laude graduate of Washington & Lee University
1982 Outstanding Young Men of America
1984 Raven Honorary Society of the University of Virginia
1986-1988 Raymond W. Postlehwait Fellow in Surgical Research

Board Certification
1993 American Board of Surgery No. 38463
1994 American Board of Thoracic Surgery No. 5468

Professional Societies
1992 Association for Academic Surgery
1994 Society of Surgical Oncology American Society of Clinical Oncology
1996 American College of Surgeons Fellow, American College of Chest Physicians
1997 The Society of Thoracic Surgeons
1997 Cadre member Cancer and Leukemia Group B (CALGB) Thoracic Surgery Subcommittee Chair, CALGB
1998 Society of University Surgeons
2000 American Association for Thoracic Surgery

Research Experience
1976-1980 Robert E. Lee Research Scholar, Washington and Lee University
1979 National Science Foundation Research Scholar, University of North Carolina
1980-1981 Surgical oncology Research Laboratory, University of Virginia
1986-1988 Cardiothoracic Research Fellow, Duke University Medical Center
1992-1993 Oncogene Expression in Lung Cancer, Duke University Medical Center
1993-1996 Director of the Tissue Bank and Lung Cancer Research Laboratory, Brigham & Women's Hospital
1996-present Director of the Tissue and Lung Cancer Prognostic Research Laboratory, Duke University Medical Center


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