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Winona State University Faces Fine for Asbestos Violations

Winona State University could be fined nearly $25,000 following a complaint filed by Minnesota's Occupational Safety and Health Division that alleges a number of violations regarding the university's handling of asbestos.

Some of the alleged violations include:

  • Air was not tested following the removal of asbestos from segments of pipe and that employees may have been unknowingly exposed to large quantities of asbestos

  • No filtration devices were used to capture or clean air contaminated with asbestos fibers during removal work

  • Workers performed asbestos removal without protective clothing

  • There were no signs to alert maintenance workers that they were entering areas containing asbestos

  • No record of asbestos removal or repair work between September 1995 and September 2005

University officials said they are cooperating with OSHA and that students were not alerted to the presence of asbestos because they did not feel there was ever a significant problem